Small Steps

One of the biggest things you can do to help your personal health is just take little steps.

Most of the time – habits build upon each other. These can snowball into a greater sense of personal wellness by finding out how things relate to each other.

I think one of the best things to start out with personal health is just being more aware of what you’re doing every day. Don’t go full out completely tracking calories or running a 5K. Start small: look at the nutrition labels on the majority of things you eat. Try to keep a mental tally in your head about what you’ve eaten, and how much of it you have.

I would suggest using this tool It can help you calculator your “Total Daily Energy Expenditure”. That is, the amount of calories you burn every day. Your body burns a set amount of calories every day, no matter what you actually do. On top of that, there are “Active Calories”, that your body will end up burning when you do any physical activity.

Keeping these in mind and keeping track of how much you eat, at the bare minimum, will help you become more aware of your personal health. Maybe you’ll find out something about your regular meals that you didn’t previously know. Or you may find that you’re not eating enough.

What I’ve done recently is use an app called CARROT Hunger. It’s a fun app with a sarcastic robot that encourages you/pretends to threaten you about your eating habits. In the past I’ve used a tool like My FitnessPal, but I got sick of their slow app, so I switched to this instead.

I’ve found a lot of things regarding my health when tracking calories. Here are just a few:

1: Fruit is seriously the best filler. And it’s super underrated. Often times I may feel like I’m really hungry mid afternoon, but after a banana or an orange I find that I wasn’t all that hungry. A bit of fruit helps boost your blood sugar, and the fiber will help you stay full longer than a less filling food such as chips.

2: There really is an affect on you depending on the category or type of nutrient you eat. You can try this yourself by either eating a protein heavy diet, cutting out carbs for a day, or thing whatever is ‘hip’. Carbs will help you be more energized for a workout, or protein can help you stay less hungry. (One thing to note here – I personally don’t see the point in doing diets such as “NO CARBS EVER AHH” or cutting down on sugar [especially when fruit sugar is perfectly fine]. While these may help you if you’re trying to just cut back on things, what’s more successful is just noticing the calories you eat. Carbs don’t make you more fat than anything else. They just happen to have more calories in general)

3: 2000 Calories is actually a lot of food. If you plan it right. If you eat nothing but chips and microwaveable foods, you’ll find that it doesn’t seem like a lot. But if you focus on things like nuts, fruits, yogurts, etc, you may be more full before you know it.


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