Your smartphone
can be very useful along any part of your health journey. Having a constantly connected device in your pocket at all times can assist with you tracking your health. Both Google and Apple have built in applications, and Google Health, that assist in bringing apps together to monitor stats such as your daily calories burned, your weight, the amount of protein you’ve consumed, among a slew of other data. In this post I’m going to cover just a few of the many apps I use to help me live a healthier life.

One of the first apps I used a long time ago to help me get started in my health tracking was an app called Lark. Lark is a free application that acts as a virtual coach, asking you questions throughout your day as a way to gently nudge you into healthier habits. One of the first things I loved about using Lark is it eases you into the process. It will track things that your smartphone can automatically track, such as your activity, when you sleep, and more, and then ask you questions about what you ate, how you feel you did in a workout, or how you feel about a certain activity.

These small, helpful reminders help build habits for you to live a healthier life, without overwhelming you with specific and minute details about your overall health.

Gyroscope is a free application that hooks into various existing applications. Everything from My Fitness Pal to Strava, to devices such as Fitbit or the Apple Watch. Using these applications, and providing its own insights, it gives you a living dashboard that lets you easily see an overview on your health. It’s a great tool for me personally because of the friends I have on the network, as well as the public dashboard I have that keeps me accountable to anyone who comes across it.

Zones is a neat app that allows you to gain more insights on your workouts. It shows a list of your recent workouts, and by integrating with your age, it will show what “zones” you got your heart rate at within those workouts. It’s great for realizing how hard I push myself on my workouts, and when I’m doing the proper amount of work for things like Cardio.

Carrot Hunger is an app I’ve recommended to friends time and time again. It’s a food tracker, but it’s not traditional by any means. It’s hosted by a benevolent robot character who chastises you based on how much food you log, or don’t log, and what progress you’ve made towards your goal. If sarcasm is your sense of humor, this is definitely a fun alternative solution to apps like My Fitness Pal for tracking your food intake, and tracking your progress.


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